In the next five years, sextech will become a trillion dollar industry. OUR LAB advances THE most promising OPPORTUNITIES emerging IN THis SPACE.

The Future of Sex (FoS) Lab identifies, develops and launches ventures that intersect technology and sexuality – going beyond sex toys to progress sex education, intimacy skills, gender identity, medicine and so much more. 



We facilitate the resources and environment for our team to apply an immersive validation process onto the sextech space. Our ultimate goal is to make an impactful change in this burgeoning industry. Right now, we're working on ideas that are innovative, timely and flexible enough to function and succeed in this complex and evolving space.


Sextech is not like other saturated markets, so we can’t treat it as such. The startup game can often feel like hedging bets — however, with deeper research and testing before products go to market comes far less risk than your typical startup idea. Labs in themselves are an investment in both lateral and immersive thinking in an industry ripe for business. The unique insight the FoS Lab offers in this space is only just the beginning.

If you’re interested in getting involved or hearing more – whether that’s in a partner, investor or press capacity, email labs@futureofsex.org