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Launched in 2016, Future of Sex is the leading authority in the modern sex-positive movement. Our 2018 research agenda looked into Virtual Reality and how it will impact sex, love and relationships in the future.

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Research Report: Virtual Intimacy

From the exponential rise of porn as a cultural force within mainstream society to its widespread consumption across mobile, desktop and tablet devices, the distributed nature of the internet is enabling new forms of intimacy. Into this mix you can add robots, artificial intelligence and connected devices. When you add the stress of modern life, couples with ever shortening attention spans, and out-of-kilter work-life balances, is it any wonder that we all feel that technology is transforming intimacy - but not necessarily in a good way.

This report will lay out the key components and strategy of next generation sextech solutions designed specifically to transform intimacy in a sex-positive framework. It will outline the key vendors in this market and identify the emerging differentiators  that distinguish them from their competitors.

This report will investigate and map a range of technology topics and analyze these in light of human behavior, public health and wellbeing, pleasure and education. Among other things, the report will investigate:

  • What does an “end-to-end” solution look like in the sextech market?

  • How will an end-to-end solution in sextech differ in the future?

And, perhaps, most importantly, it will question how sexuality and technology are enhancing intimacy and relationships. 

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