When Intellectual Property Gets Intimate: sextech Patents for Second Quarter 2018

To the outside observer, sextech appears to be anything other than a business. But to those of us who see sextech not only as a business, but as an emerging, vital, industry in its own right, there are some telltale signs that indicate growth.


As we have mentioned previously, new industries require new words - and sextech is no different - with five clear impacts transforming the way that we look at sextech:

  • Expertise

  • Organisational transformation

  • Social and legal norms

  • Concepts of identity and community

  • Education.

When we look at just one of these - social and legal norms - we see significant movement each and every quarter. Maxine Lynn is an intellectual property attorney with the law firm of Keohane & D’Alessandro, PLLC in Chicago and Albany, New York - and keeps regular track of innovation in sextech.

Each quarter, Lynn publishes her Sex Tech Patent IndeXXX - listing US utility patents for sex toys, sex furniture, condoms, and other technology meant to enhance sexual pleasure. For the quarter ending June 2018, 14 patents were located across a range of categories (up from 11 in the first quarter). The most strongly represented categories were:

  • Having substantially cylindrical shape eg dildos (6)

  • Massage for the genitals (4).

View the full list and details of the patent abstracts on the SexTechLaw blog, Unzipped.