New Words and New Industries — sextech Makes a Name for Itself

We hear plenty of hype and conversation about “digital disruption” in the world of business. There are blog posts and articles, books, videos and webinar series. But digital disruption was not always a topic … it took a great deal of writing, conversation and presentations before a global consensus formed, that yes, digital disruption had moved from being a theory or concept to a hard business reality.

The truth is, any transformative movement or innovation follows the same pathways that were first observed with the invention of the printing press. Elizabeth Eisenstein’s analysis of the impact of the printing press identified five impacts that transformed the world:

  1. Expertise
  2. Organisational transformation
  3. Social and legal norms
  4. Concepts of identity and community
  5. Education.

Sextech — a new industry emerges from the shadows

When a new word appears in the New York Times, it is automatically tweeted by @NewNewYorkTimes.

But it’s not just the word that is important. It is the context. It is just as well there is an additional Twitter bot that tweets the context in which these “new words” are mentioned.

Sextech is any technology designed to enhance sexuality and the sexual experience and the is bringing this to life through an innovative program of global hackathons.


These weekend long events are designed to catalyze the next generation of sextech entrepreneurs around the world and have seen hundreds of new and experienced entrepreneurs form new businesses, create products and build new skills in Sydney Australia and more recently Singapore. These startups have developed products for a broad range of industries including sex education, wellbeing, disability, sex toys, telehealth, creative industries, publishing, promotion and packaging, sexual health, harassment prevention, smart therapy, jewelery, dating, safety and consent, medical / healthcare, intimacy and relationships, and student safety.


With each hackathon, we see a growing confidence in the community, the language and the technology skills of the entrepreneurs and participating teams. Importantly, we are also seeing a growing focus on business and commercialization — we see the Future of Sex hackathons and sextech accelerator programs as an essential foundation for sextech startup entrepreneurs.

In August, the Future of Sex sextech hackathon rolls into New York.

It has never been more important for a diverse range of voices and ideas to come together to find new and innovative ways to use technology to deliver sex education, products and services for sexual health and wellness, assault reporting and dating. It’s the start of a new industry. It could also be the start of your startup journey. Register your interest here.