Future of Sex NYC Hackathon Kicks Off

After months of planning, we were excited to kick off our sextech hackathon in New York. Sponsored by YouPorn, this hackathon is designed to change the cultural conversation about sex - and we've started with four significant, open-ended challenges for the hackathon teams to tackle.

Through the course of the night, we heard about the challenges, data, research and insight that teams would be working on at the hackathon. We heard personal, inspirational - and sometimes confronting - stories about the world of sextech, the struggles for funding, recognition and business growth. We learned about sextech startup world from Unbound founder, Polly Rodriguez, were amazed by the vision of sex-positive healthcare startup Ask Tia and humbled by Okayso challenging us to start thinking through what it might mean to re-imagine intimacy and consent through sex education for teenage boys.

In only a couple of hours, strangers came together, formed teams around their shared vision for solving these challenges, and scattered into New York's steamy summer evening to plan their weekends.

Over the next two days we will work with these teams to coach and cajole them to create amazing solutions and scalable businesses. They will be working on four key areas:

  • YouPorn challenge: How to leverage YouPorn's technology, content and production to improve the sex lives of 10 billion people
  • Womanizer challenge: How do we close the orgasm gap? Is there a way to make sex more about giving than getting?
  • Miss VVs Mystery challenge: How do we show that confidence is sexy and use that confidence to change the conversation around sex?
  • Okayso challenge: How do we reinvent sex education for teenage boys? How do we create a new language around intimacy, respect and consent?

Follow along during the course of the weekend via Twitter on the #sextech hashtag.

Bryony Cole