Three lessons from Australia's first sextech hackathon CEO, Bryony Cole. CEO, Bryony Cole.

Hackathons are a vital way of sparking critical social conversations, adding diversity of perspective and creating new solutions and dialogue to an emerging industry like sextech. But the real question was whether we could take the hackathon format to a new level - could we bring the hackers, hipsters, hustlers and humanitarians together in such a way as to create not only new solutions - but a new generation of sextech entrepreneurs?

The hackathon is traditionally a method to bring technical developer communities together to create and share knowledge, build networks and develop solutions to technical challenges. In March 2018, around 100 participants joined us for a weekend of hacking in Sydney, Australia. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that sextech hackathons:

  1. Create pathways for people of all backgrounds and genders and encouraging more diverse voices to be a part of the burgeoning sextech industry.
  2. Create opportunities to be part of a future leadership on sexual health and education at a local level.
  3. Are helping us move very quickly from ideas and marketing to deep tech and real world, entrepreneurial solutions.

Our sextech hackathons are literally combining sex and tech in new ways with human experience at their heart. They are creating new expertise and thought leaders, organisations, public and private conversations, languages and cultural norms and even new university level disciplines and practices.

Perhaps, more importantly, our sextech hackathons are catalyzing a community of sextech entrepreneurs who are seeing a vision of the future that is intimately human centered.