What if 2019 was the best year of your sexual life yet?

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We spend so much time chasing our goals with careers, our bodies, nutrition, but what about if we included pleasure and intimacy as a very necessary part of our vision for the year... 

How could your sex life change if you gave it the same consideration as your other life goals?  

How would the rest of your life change if you took time to really tune in to your erotic self and its desires for your future?

Get a hold of your dreams and make them real with a 2019 sexual vision board.

Get a hold of your dreams and make them real with a 2019 sexual vision board.

Ready to make this your best year yet?

Here’s some thought starters to inspire your 2019 (and can be fun to do with a lover):

1. Looking back on 2018

  • Choose 5 words to describe the sex you had this year …

  • List some new things you tried and liked...

  • Did you surprise yourself this year? How?….

  • What was your most hilarious intimate moment?

  • What are you ready to let go of?

2. Transitioning to the new year...

  •  What do you want to bring into the new year?

  • What do you want less of in 2019?

3. Making your 2019

  • What would make 2019 the best year of your sexual life? Include the specific experiences would you want to have, and with who?

  • What specific feelings do you want to feel?

  • What new habits or rituals will you implement to prioritize your intimacy?

  • What conversations will you have and with who?

  • Choose 5 words to describe the best year of your sex intimate life.

More time hugging, spooning and sleeping in 2019 for me <3

More time hugging, spooning and sleeping in 2019 for me <3

What does it mean to get and experience everything you’ve ever wanted in 2019?

For me, when I did this exercise I realized how much I had let all my other goals in the way of my pleasure and intimacy in 2018!  

body pos.jpg

Intimacy and vulnerability are part of every meaningful relationship in our lives. Seeing how I let those aspects of me take a backseat for the best part of the year as I grew my business, I realize how I also weakened ties (existing and potential) with special people.

Perhaps worst of all, the relationship to my own body!

Toward the end of this year I reclaimed that part of me, and will be taking that into 2019. More focus on discovering my own pleasure zones by taking time to experiment with toys (current fav: Womanizer’s Premium) and figure out what makes me turn on. I’m turning these moments with myself into regular rituals, carving out time for my body and myself to indulge in whatever it craves, whether that’s a massage, new toys or sleeping in all day and spooning. I’m listening to ya, body.

So, if you feel inspired to ask your erotic self what it really wants... then get ready to receive in 2019.

Literally speak your sex goals into existence.

 Give yourself a leave pass to drop everything else, #careergoals, #relationshipgoals, #bodygoals… take a moment to dedicated a whole vision board (or journal, or meditation) solely to your own pleasure.

Isn't it time to manifest some next level erotic experiences?


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Bryony Cole