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Technology is changing intimacy

Future of Sex invites you to a conversation around the nexus of sex, technology and wellness.

“Bryony Cole is the world’s leading authority on sextech” — Psychology Today


Hi, I’m Bryony —

Over the last three years I’ve interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, therapists, and scientists about technology’s impact on sexuality.

What I’ve discovered is that sextech is a $30 billion industry that no one really talks about. And we must.

Teens are losing their Facetime virginity, children are accessing pornography as young as 5 years old, and loneliness is on the rise.

At the same time, a new wave of female-led ventures for sexual assault reporting, fertility tracking and pleasure products are changing the way women experience their bodies. These entrepreneurs face enormous barriers in business because of the the stigma and bias of “sex” in sextech.

My wish is that the conversation about our bodies, sexuality and our identities catches up to the rapid rate of innovation in technology.

When we remove the stigma and shame, all of society benefits from sextech — and those who face sexual challenges due to distance, discrimination or disability lives can improve significantly.

Let’s start a conversation.



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