Sex-PosiTIVE popup gallery // august 2018

This is our biggest project to date.

A month-long installation featuring sex-positive artists, talks with leading sextech pioneers, workshops and exclusive screenings, the Sex Positive+ popup will be open to the public for the entire month of August, hosted at 336 Flatbush Ave gallery and coffee shop Lil Sister.

Brought to you by Future of Sex and Lips, #SexPosi+ Popup is to normalize sexuality and spark a conversation about sex, identity and expression. Lips is a new kind of social media platform, providing a safe-space in print and online for women* to express their sexual experiences openly and honestly - and the perfect partner for this expressive event!

The pop-up brings together years of research, zines, workshops,  podcasts, expert networks and hackathons in one beautifully curated space. With the help of amazing artists, panelists and performers our aim is to normalize sexuality and celebrate the sex-positive community.

Our sex-positive artwork will be on display throughout August, so stop in anytime during Lil Sister open hours!

For updates about events, artist appearances, parties, collaborative opportunities and more be sure to sign up below. 



Live Podcast Recording! Sex Education in the Digital Age 

From the STI rates reaching epidemic proportions in senior centres to the nonconsensual porn crisis, it's clear that our culture has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to sex ed. 

This panel will look at the facts about sex ed and those using technology to change the game. Join Future of Sex host Bryony Cole with guests Andrea Barrica, Founder of O.School, Elyse Schuster, Founder of Okayso and a surprise guest for an evening of discussion around the state of sex education.


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The O Project

The O Project is a collaborative photographic series between renowned Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti and female sexual wellness brand Smile Makers.

The expressions of over 20 women were captured before, during, and after climaxing through self-pleasure. The headshots keep everything below the waist hidden, even from the photographer.

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Anna Wagner

Anna Wagner is a visual artist who explores death through different mediums and materials. 

"Through my artwork I explore the lives (and deaths) of people who are, according to Christian teachings, sinners. In using traditional materials to create artwork whose moral suggestions contradict mainstream Christian historical expectations, I seek to glorify people who are never championed and affirmed by the Christian faith."


Lindsay Wynn

Originally from San Diego, California, Lindsay Wynn's body of work represents the people, communities and inclusive ideas of sex and the body she feels passionate about representing.

Lindsay is also a co-founder of Momotaro Apotheca, pH balanced vaginal care with  certified organic ingredients. Currently, Lindsay lives and works in Brooklyn.


Florentina Pergoleto

Florentina is an artist in her final year of her BFA at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia. 

Aesthetically playful and colourful, Florentina Pergoleto's artworks ideologically focus on topics such as body positivity, sex positivity and other current social narratives. Florentina's work is predominantly ceramic focused, but she also engages in performance art, drawing and other mediums to explore contemporary philosophy.


Zanni Noelle Watkins

Zann Noelle Watkins i is a New York based jewelry designer, originally from Southern California. Her love for jewelry grew from spending time with her father at his jewelry studio where he taught her the trade.

Zanni is passionate about creating pieces that give back to the community, are sourced and made responsibly, and are just REALLY REALLY CUTE.

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Savannah Imani

Savannah Imani is a multi-disciplinary painter located in Baltimore, Maryland where she attends Maryland Institute College of Art. She recently submitted to Lips via the online platform and is now one of their featured artists.

Imani tells a story of young Black womanhood using texture, dimension, and saturation of color as her tools. Her work delves into the intersection of her identity and her personal relationship to spiritual and sensual imagery. 


Bonnie Lane

Australian Artist Bonnie Lane’s Liquid Candy series  consists of intricately detailed beaded paintings that objectify male solo masturbation through the female lens. 

Lane draws attention both to the absence of the female gaze in contemporary pornography, as well as the missing representation of the male body as an object of sexual desire.


James Wolfe

James Wolfe’s photography seeks to expose humanity in ways that make us uncomfortable, but at the same time intrigued to learn more.

Through photography, James creates a mirror to reflect the shadow of our cultural norms back onto ourselves. He seeks to encourage individualistic breakthroughs in perceptive living and create a higher frequency of operation at a societal level, while demonstrating his perspective.

5-Hour Bath .png

Leah Wolchin

In her artwork, Leah Wolchin explores sexuality and desire through different materials and mediums. Best known for her deadpan humor and censored nudity images, she is transforming the history of submissive women into a new era of empowerment. Self-taught, Wolchin started collecting seductive images and personal text messages between people with the intention of exposing the too many offline-relationships and lack of in-person-connections. “What we really look for is not depth but relevance,” she said. “We long to connect with one another. We crave to be understood and to understand.”

Laura Lee Benjamin

I have always been interested in the ways women harness and express their sexuality. In my work, I explore the connections between sex, love, lust, pain, revenge and control, based on my own experiences. I use images appropriated from pornography to hijack the patriarchal sentiments and flip them into feminist narratives. I hope that others, women in particular, can relate to the positive and negative emotions I'm trying to convey.


Teresa Escobar

Teresa Escobar is a neon artist originally from Mexico, located in Brooklyn, New York.
She creates female breasts that represent women and expresses the variety,
uniqueness and beauty of them all. Although boobs are similar, none of the shape and
colors are ever the same and she celebrates that.
Her work in neon also reflects sensual and organic shapes. She understands glass as a
fragile, manageable and yet powerful medium.

Janice Prempeh

Janice is a digital artist whose work currently revolves around a 3D character of her creation named Opal, a digital representation of herself. Existing in the fictional universe she refers to as "The Opalslut Universe", Opal is a form of self portraiture that serves as Janice's way to express how she perceives herself in a reality that operates outside of the scope of our society's current views on freedom of expression, particulary in regards to a black woman's. Although an extremely personal project from the start, her work with Opal has also turned into something of a social experiment, as she witnesses not only how people interact with Opal, but also how they perceive her due to their own personal views on female agency, the male gaze, sexuality, race dynamics, etc.