#5 From Stone Dildos to 6 Motors: The history of sex toys feat Stephanie Alys and Gigi Engle

On this episode of Future of Sex, Bryony Cole explores the history of sex toys, from the earliest known dildo (28,000 years ago) to the rise of women-led sex tech and teledildonics in 2016.

Our first guest is Stephanie Alys, the co-founder of Mystery Vibe, a company that created the first 6-motor vibrator.

Our second guest is Gigi Engle about sex toys in the modern age.

Find out more:

Stephanie Alys, Chief Pleasure Officer at Mystery Vibe

Stephanie Alys, Chief Pleasure Officer at Mystery Vibe

Gigi Engle, Sex & Relationships Writer at Thrillist and Podcaster

Gigi Engle, Sex & Relationships Writer at Thrillist and Podcaster

#4 Exploring Sexual Fluidity & Bicuriousity for Women (featuring Skirt Club and Dr Michael Aaron)

This week we examine what it means to be bicurious by following the women of Skirt Club, a global underground club for women that has grown to 5,000 members in just a few years. 

Guests include Genevieve Le Jeune, Founder and Creator of Skirt Club and Dr Michael Aaron, therapist and author of Modern Sexuality.
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#2: Cindy Gallop, Laureen HD & Jared Matthew Weiss: Overcoming Shame and Taboo.

Welcome to this week’s episode!

This is the second part of the episode exploring taboo and shame in our society.

Our first guest is Cindy Gallop, creator of Make Love Not Porn

Cindy and I talk about:

  • Make Love Not Porn’s vision to normalize real world sex
  • Women of Sex Tech community in New York

  • How Cindy’s TED talk evolved out of dating younger men and how porn has become the default sex education

  • ‘Social sex.’ What is it? Much more than watching people have sex.

  • Stories from Make Love Not Porn (MLNP) viewers - MLNP couples having babies, porn stars who share the sex they have off-set in the real world with MLNP

  • The challenges of building a sex tech product in this cultural climate or "when prude investors cockblock sex and no one gets off."

  • And finally, why is sex so difficult to talk about?

“Women challenge the status quo, because they are never it”

Laureen HD, Sex Educator and YouTube Creator

Laureen and I talk about:

  • Herpes diagnosis, what it means and how it effects you

  • Starting a YouTube channel to reach people diagnosed

  • 'Can I Ask You A Question?' campaign in Central Park

  • Herpes stigma, how perception vs. stigma weigh in?

  • As a publicly open person about her status, Laureen describes the challenges of people knowing about it before they meet her, from dates to her first day at work

Jared Matthew Weiss, Touchpoint founder

Jared and I (and others) talk about:

  • Why people love going to Touchpoint

  • How Jared started Touchpoint

  • How to start to change the conversation

Show Links & Mentions

#1 Miki Agrawal, Matt Hunter & Keylee Koop Sudduth: Overcoming Shame and Taboo


The very first episode explores taboo and shame in our society. When setting out to study the future, I wanted to set a baseline for where we are and where we have come from.

This first episode zooms through a history lesson in sexology and the main players who helped inform how we got our ideas about sex.

Show Links & Mentions

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

Almost 500,000 girls are at risk of genital mutilation in the US alone. Read more here.

Read real stories of intimacy and people exploring taboo on Cambyo's medium.

Our first guest is Miki Agrawal, CEO of Thinx, Icon and Tushy

  • Miki’s shares her personal story of learning about sex

  • Her relationship with her fiance Andrew

  • What happens in the Orgy Dome at Burning Man

  • Balancing the feminine and masculine

  • Practical ideas to keep your relationship thriving

Our second guest is Matt Hunter, Founder of


  • Matt shares his personal story of high school and learning about sex, understanding his sexuality

  • How he came to create the sex and relationship coaching platform, Cambyo

  • Check out Cambyo on Medium for real, honest stories about intimacy and exploration

  • Receive a special Future of Sex $25 discount here  http://get.cambyo.co/futureofsex/

Our final guest, Keylee Koop Sudduth, Filmmaker and Artist

  • Keylee shares how she grew up in Texas, a state that has predominantly 'abstinence only' sexual education, and the lasting stigmas about sex that brought into adulthood

  • How she has been inspired to change the conversation with females about their bodies through sex-positive films

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