To date, I’ve talked to 250+ experts and everyday people about the future of sex.

What have I learned so far?

Through stories with technologists, scientists, filmmakers and therapists, I have seen how technology is forming its own middle space in sexuality; located between the act of having sex with someone and having sex with yourself.  

While technology is continuing to create a range of possibilities for better orgasm and more imaginative experiences focused on the individual, a largely unexplored area is how these innovations will affect intimacy or impact the mutual experience you create with others. 

How will we form new relationship boundaries with VR? Is sex with a robot cheating? Is intimacy with a robot even possible?

I'm thrilled to be able to share these stories with you. 

There was a time when the best way to understand your sexuality — if you tried to understand it at all — was to turn to magazines and cookie-cutter advice columns.

As technology has transformed the way we relate to each other, it's also changed the way we fall in love and even the way we have sex.

Our digital and off-line lives have become so intermingled that everything we do, including each other, has been affected.

Each episode of the podcast explores the connections between sex tech, ancient wisdoms and cultural phenomenons to better understand how we might view and shape the future of sex.